Type 1 Diabetes

Our Top Diabetes Accessories and Hacks

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Type 1 Diabetes Accessories

Let’s face it, living with Type 1 Diabetes is no picnic. But, at least there are some accessories and hacks that can help make it just a teeny bit less sucky. With all the advancements in technology over the years, there truly are some great tools out there that improve the quality of life for […]


Date Ideas for When a Babysitter Is Not Feasible

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Date night

Many leading marriage counselors and relationship experts encourage couples to date their spouse at least once a week to promote healthy, strong marriages. When I first heard this recommendation, I shrugged and figured why not? At the time, I was young and unsuspecting, newly married with no children and plenty of time on my hands […]


Our Top Diabetes-Friendly Snacks & Low-Carb Brands

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Diabetes snacks

Managing Type 1 Diabetes with a carb-loving vegetarian can be arduous. But, managing Type 1 Diabetes with a carb-loving vegetarian in the throes of puberty? It’s like navigating through a land-mine! When our daughter was first diagnosed 3 years ago, we thought she’d have to change her eating habits drastically. I dreaded the thought of […]


What I Pack On A Road Trip With Diabetes

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Roadtrip with diabetes

Traveling with diabetes can be daunting at times. Our first family trip following our daughter’s diagnosis, I felt a little overwhelmed. I was very nervous, trying to think of everything we might need in anticipation of a diabetes emergency. I spent a lot of time double and triple checking all supplies, nervously calling in extra […]