Hi, I’m Sher!

I’m thrilled to launch this blog as a way to share, inspire and uplift others living with special or medical needs. I’m a special needs mom, married to my college sweetheart for 18 years, managing daily life with two children with significant special and medical issues. The diagnoses in our household include Type 1 Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, and Anxiety. Whew! It has been a journey! But, God has brought me through it thus far! For a little more about me, our family, and the purpose of this blog, here is a video from my IGTV channel below.

-Sher, the Mama Bear



Sher Shares Blog

Sher Shares Blog began with an entry in my journal as a way to articulate all the emotions and struggles I faced with life as a special/medical needs parent. The entry literally evolved overnight into my first blog post. It took years of grieving and processing our kids’ diagnoses before I was ready to share our journey with the world. But, now that I’m finally obeying His call, it is my pleasure to act as a voice for special and medical needs. As I began the initial steps to create this blog, a friend mentioned early on: “We all know you have a lot to say!” That profound observation is an understatement. There is so much I want to share and am delighted to finally have the forum in which to do it.

Herein, I incorporate an array of topics commonly faced by families and individuals within the disabilities community. I believe firmly in self-care and prioritize mental health as a major focus on my blog. Also, one of my greatest passions is special education advocacy. Be looking soon for more resources on this topic. In the meantime, it is my prayer that other families will be well served by the content on this site. God bless you in your own journey, as you “find the joy” in your story.


In Loving Memory:

This blog is dedicated in loving memory to my late grandfather, Jack G. May (1930-1999), a leader in the field of psychology and mental health sciences. Through his research, he founded revolutionary approaches in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices, and was a champion for children with special needs. Little did he know that he would lead the way for his own great-grandchildren. This is how I carry on his legacy, through my own advocacy and support to other families with special needs.